Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Shedding Some Light on Podcasts!

Apologies to everyone who didn’t know what I was wittering on about in my Thank You Cloody and Frank posting, so here’s a little bit of information to clarify things.


Now I may be teaching my grannie to suck eggs as they say so, apologies if that’s the case, but here’s some information on podcasts.

Podcasts are shows on radio or TV which you can download to your computer, iPod or iPhone or Apple TV. If you have one!

You can see a huge list of podcasts and download them from the iTunes store.

Alternatively you can download specific programmes from other websites such as the BBC or ITV. I listen to Radio 2 a lot but often miss Wake Up to Wogan so I download the podcast from the Radio 2 webpage to the computer to listen to it, when I get time!

You could then transfer them to an iPod if you want to listen at other times and in other places. To be honest I haven’t bothered doing that yet, I just use the laptop.

There’s a tutorial here on the iTunes website just click on the Get Free Podcasts at the bottom of the page to load the video.

I found it quite useful.