Thursday, 8 October 2009


After lunch the ship docked in Mykonos, just a few nautical miles from Delos.

I’d never been to Mykonos before, (we don’t get direct flights from our local airport) but I’ve seen all those lovely photos in the holiday brochures. It’s one of the smallest islands in the Cyclades, 16km (10 miles) by 11 km (7 miles) but one of the most popular holiday resorts in Greece.

We didn't venture any further than Mykonos Town where there was plenty to see. There are gleaming white washed houses and shops in a maze of narrow haphazard alleyways, well preserved windmills and lots of tiny churches. Designer shops and the usual tourist tat. It’s exactly like the postcards.

The bay is really a pretty sight with the Venetian style balconies overhanging the restaurants and cafes. In earlier days these were the distinguished houses of ship captains. I love this photo, the water was crystal clear.

Little Venice

The famous windmills of Mykonos are reminders of an earlier time when wind power was used to grind the island's grain. It's not easy to get a decent picture of them, they must specially organise the post card photo shoots. To the rear is a car park and I couldn't resist taking this photo of a car that's much dirtier than mine has ever been and it does get quite mucky. Shows how hot and dusty it is there.

Mucky car

Clean Me!

In front of the windmills was a huge skip. I managed to get a photo to the side of it and cropped most of it off and also someone's motor scooters.


There are apparently 365 churches and chapels on Mykonos but I only took this one photo of a little chapel sandwiched between shops, houses and restaurants.

Little chapel

In the fifties, a group of migrating pelicans passed over Mykonos and apparently left behind a single exhausted bird, Petros. Vassilis the fisherman, nursed it back to health and locals say the pelican in the harbour is the original Petros. It's doubtful after all this time and there are several lurking around. This one seemed to be performing its ablutions in an appropriate place, the local loos!



There were numerous alleyways with tiny shops and houses. It was great to find some shade there. You couldn't really get lost though, it wasn't that big.


There were lots of lovely little shingley coves and sandy beaches where you could swim. Oh the heat! Wish I had taken my swimming costume.

Small cove

Just in case you're wondering, no that isn't our ship in the background. It was in Delos when we were there too.

Next stop Rhodes!

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  1. What interesting photos and everything looking so clean.
    The windmills are very unusual and interesting too, not to mention the Pelican in the doorway.

    Your Seaton Sluice pic I love. The emptiness and atmosphere.

    I am wondering why on earth you are against double glazing!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful. I love the contrast of white and blue. I really need to visit the Greek isles.

  3. Awesome photos of your trip/cruise in these last 2 posts Winifred!!! Thanks for sharing them! I really feel like I want to go there now!!!
    That dirty care looks like has been abandoned there... for some time!!!
    Stay well! 8-)

  4. That was fun, I love seeing new places I will never be able to visit. Everything was lovely. Thanks for sharing and I will look forward to the next post.

  5. Wow...those photos are really wonderful Winifred! I see why you like to go there. It is just beautiful, and 365 churches? That is a lot of churches. Can't wait to see more!

  6. Very nice set of photographs.


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