Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sad News

Unfortunately one of my daughter's little bunnies had to be put to sleep today. He was OK until yesterday then sadly last night he got worse.

The other is showing no signs as yet, but as they were together until today, she could still develop it. If she survives, she'll need a vaccination. I thought she would have developed immunity but the vet said she wouldn't.

I was in at our vet's today to pick up special renal food for one of my old cats who has developed kidney problems. My husband is getting worried about the costs of all the bills for food and tablets. No NHS for pets!

I looked around and there was no mention of the myxomatosis there either. No posters or leaflets. Wouldn't you think they would be advertising the danger. Strange!

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  1. You would think they would advertise it, but perhaps it rarely happens. So sorry she lost her pet.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the poor little bunny. We lost a couple of rabbits when my children were small, very upsetting. Do hope the other one will be OK. I remember the stories about myxomatosis when I was quite young and I think I heard recently that it was on the increase but only in wild rabbits. Fingers crossed for your daughter's pet. A x

  3. I think you need to change vets. In Norfolk where there are huge rabbit populations (sandy soil) all the vets have posters and advise vacciation. There is a yearly vaccination for two diseases, Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD, both rife in the UK.
    Unfortunately these diseases do not discriminate against wild or pet bunnies.
    I am really really sorry your daughter is going through this, and of course for the bunny. Her vet should have vaccinated the other rabbit anyway (?). Your poor D must be heartbroken. I really, really hope the other rabbit is OK.

  4. Winifred, Too bad about the little bunny, I hope his mate wont suffer the same fate.

    I'm sure your daughter and grandchildren are sad and will miss him very much. We love our pets like they are our children.

    I know that's how my husband and I feel about our little dogs. We would be lost without them.

    My thoughts are with you and your family on this sad day.

  5. ooh I was hoping to hear good news about this...Sorry ;(
    Sometimes diseases are confined to particular areas, as Heartworms in dogs, are common in Florida, but virtually non-existant in Maine or places farther North.
    I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sure he was a wonderful pet and companion.

  6. Truly sorry to hear about the loss Winnifred. Pets, regardless of species, become a part of us and are missed when they are gone. It is interesting that this disease has not been posted to make pet owners aware of the dangers. Especially what precautions to take. It makes you think whether they categorize illness based on the type of pet.

  7. That is so bad, hope the other will be ok.

  8. So sorry to hear about the bunny. Losing a pet is really hard. I love animals.

  9. Oh Winifred,
    I am so sorry to hear this... Its really hard to lose a pet... A pet almost like a best friend to the owner..
    My Travelogue

  10. I am so sorry about the bunny. I used to have dwarf rabbits as pets when I lived with my mum. Now mum son keeps asking for a bunny. But they are so delicate that I am afraid to get one and have it die.

  11. All we can do is grieve the loss of our dear pets. Too bad about the bunny. Hope the second will survive and have have a healthy life.

  12. That is sad news for the bunny. Poor little thing. My (adult) son lost his bunny last summer. We had an unusually hot day (110 degrees), the family was away just for the afternoon and could not get back in time. Clearly, the bunny died from heat exhaustion. I know when I am really, really warm, I get drowsy. We all hope that the bunny just dozed off and did not feel any pain. We feel it though. Regret. Poor little thing (that we were supposed to take care of but failed to do so adequately).

  13. I'm sorry about the bunny.


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