Friday, 14 August 2009

Blogger's Boobing Again!

Now Blogger has been working itself a 'pennorth for a while now. I won't list the misdemeanours, it's too boring and everyone knows what they are.

The latest one I'm getting isn't very nice because it's implying that fellow Bloggers are using malware. Here's a screendump of what I've been getting:


Are you getting this problem too?

I have to say I don't believe that the blog I was going to is guilty of using malware. It's a great blog and I've used it for quite a while now. I'm sure my software protection would have picked up on it before now if there was a problem. I just wish there was some way to contact Blogger but I don't know of one. Here's what it's driven me to:

Just get your act together Blogger - look I'm talking to myself, you're driving me crackers!

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  1. I dont even know what that is so it isnt me lol
    I cannot see a normal blogger using such is more likely the companies advertising on google etc that are using it and maybe they have 'TAGGED' a blogger.
    hope it sorts itself out soon

  2. go to click on help or on your dashboard down on the bottom

    That is what my daughter thought would be the best thing to do, lot's of techie guys there to help.

    We have Mac's and don't get malware warnings.

    Good luck!

  3. I had another lady mention this. So far, I haven't experienced it. But there are all types of weirdo people out there that just seem to love to cause problems for others. Why, who knows, except they can do it and they are just plain MEAN.

    Hope you have a happy week-end.

  4. All I know is there is so much malware on it, you just never know where you pick it up... I've had those problems in the past...

  5. Oh good luck with it Winifred - I can't help at all I'm afraid. A x

  6. Dear Winifred ~~ I am so sorry you are having problems from blogger and
    someone playing tricks.
    Mine are definitely from the Laptop
    as I have trouble opening it, and closing it. I am using a Safe Mode, but it doesn't do everything. Has big
    printing. I hope you get yours sorted my friend and I hope the technician can fix mine tomorrow. I hope you have had a great weekend.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  7. Last week I couldn't log on to any blogger sites. I was banned for several hours. Supposedly, these problems are related to Russian hackers who've launched attacks against Google, Facebook, Twitter and Livejournal.

    Here is one article on the problem.

    My issue with google is that when there is a problem with blogger, you can't get answers or help. Frustrating.

  8. Sometimes I try to post comments and it won't let me. Some blog sites don't want competition.

  9. I've never had that happen but Blogger does act weird sometimes.

  10. Gday Winifred, I havent had this problem either, But I hope you get blogger to sort out problem qhickly.

  11. I'm beginning to feel like it's me. Another friend is having trouble too. I think Blogger is on a rip for some reason. It's certainly not as user friendly as it once was.

    Love your new banner.

    ~hippo hugs~

  12. Winfred,

    I hope all is worked out by now. However, on Thursday I was going to order a book online, from what I thought was Barnes and Noble Bookstore. But I got a message somewhat like yours. Therefore, I was afraid to order the book online.

    On Saturday I went to the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore and had them try to order the book for me and they got the same message as I did. So instead of using a credit card number, I got a gift card and they charged it on the gift card. That evening the place where the book was ordered from did not want to accept the gift card number and wanted me to get in touch with them to give them a different number. I deleted their message and decided if I don't get the book I am only out of $6.00. I do not give out my credit card information online, if I do not know anything about the company.

  13. Computers can be frustrating and sometimes we just don't know who to turn to for help or who to blame. I know I have been irritated with blogger and just can't find any help from them when you need it. But it is a free service to use, so I would have to hire someone to have a page of my own to change it. Every time I come visit you though I love the new look!

  14. Yes Winifred, I've had my share of Blogger problems, but seems as fast as they show up, the next day or so, their gone !
    I always purge my cache file, and artbase, then things are right as rain...or close to it.
    Good luck with the annoyances..

  15. Sorry to hear this! I've been having troubles to but not like that. My pc has slowed down son thinks its so old its trying to die...then it will pull together and run like lightening. Who knows? I hope you get to the bottom of that red screen....blogger definitely needs to be more accessible. Its like they leave you hanging out on a limb by yourself and yell...'good luck' which of course luck doesn't exist! sure doesn't fix things either. Hope all is well soon for you...

  16. LOL!!! I cracked up laughing when I read through this Winifred!!! Oh my!!! lol....
    Just wondering if it is still popping up when you visit my blog? Hazel had been getting a memo pop up as such too, but now she says its fine... So, I thing I "fixed" whatever the problem was...
    Just wondering...
    Hope you are having good weather!


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