Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My Second Swimming Lesson

I’ve been so caught up in Comic Relief postings I forgot to say anything about my swimming progress. Well I needn’t bother really as there wasn't much to report. I didn’t do as well as the first week.

I did the crawl leg kick holding the float in front of me OK like last week. Next came putting my face in and out of the water as I did the leg kick. Now that was quite a bit harder to manage, but I did it.

Next came combining three actions, the leg kick, the face in the water and finally taking one hand off the float and drawing it under the water and back then up to the float and doing the same with the other arm. Needless to say I just couldn’t co ordinate the three things. If I got the arms to work and the face in and out of the water, the legs gradually stopped. Talk about mutli tasking!The swimming instructor says it’s what usually happens, that people can do the first two but the legs just stop.

Well I was worn out after four widths of this, well it is 25 metres across. In the meantime I’m too embarrassed to try it in the pool until the next lesson. Never mind I’ll be back again next week. I didn’t think it would be easy!

I'm not expecting to be able to do this....

....or this....

....but it would be nice to be able to do a bit of this if I ever go to the Caribbean or Mauritius!


  1. I have tried different times throughout my lifetime to learn to swim. I can float and that is about it! When I swim it takes me forever to swim across the pool. I am the slowest swimmer in the world. The young boy who was trying to help me said, don't worry, it's not how fast you can swim, it's whether you could save yourself if ever you need to. He laughed and said, while the fast swimmer tires out, you won't because you will just slowly swim to safety.

  2. Thankyou for visiting my blog, swimming is such an inviting subject, I hated water right from when I was a tiny tot and my uncle ( who was teaching me to swim) promised he would not let go of me whilst I was going through the arm and leg motions-- guess what! YUP , he did , and I sank to the bottom! Since that day to this, I have never put my head under water, I can just about bear a shower, even then I have to tilt my head right back! How sad is that?

  3. Good for you ,keep up the good work.

  4. I guess being born and raised in Australia, swimming must have happened naturally. I can't remember ever not being able to swim or even learning how too. I do understand fear, apprehension, or whatever you want to call it, but I am not afraid of water. I do have a fierce respect for it though. I almost drowned in the surf while in Sydney, Aus I witnessed some nasty accidents in California while boogie boarding. I love the water, but learned quickly to respect "Mother Nature". I think you will be doing all the different strokes in time, patience and safety first. Don't give up:))

  5. I'm sure your swimming abilities will continue to improve! :) At least you're trying! I have a friend that will not get within 10 feet of water.

  6. Good for you! I took swimming lessons when I was 19 and just could not get the hang of it. I was a success with the dead man's float...laying on my back and you go limp. (if I remember correctly!, thats many years ago now) What good that is I don't know.

  7. Practice makes perfect. Kudos to you for going back until you get it right. You will.

  8. Dont worry...second lessons always suck..third ones are much better.
    It is a little because if you do well in the first one you have such high expectations in the second..but if you think about it you have still done brilliantly, so well done!

  9. My husband taught me how to swim. I love it, but would love it more if I were about 60 lbs. lighter. Ha. Keep up the good work Winifred!

  10. I'm just catching up a little after Linda's visit. I loved the "#1 LDA books" I love Precious.

    He has written a book (or maybe more) about a Scotsman too. It was good.

    I didn't know about the movie. I must check that out.

    I'm really proud of you for your swimming. Good for you.

    ~hippo hugs~

  11. Oh that takes a lot of gumption to try swimming as an adult - stick with it though it can bring you a tremendous amount of pleasure and relaxation - I'm totally impressed with you!

  12. You're doing pretty good, Winifred. I love the water as well, but only for frolicking. Haha. Swimming is great exercise. More power to you for taking these lessons.

    Have a great day!


  13. I use to swim all the time when I was young. Morning, all afternoon, and evening. I was a swim team, I've won a few races in my day. I would drown now!

  14. Good luck with your swimming lessons. Granddaughter had started hers a week ago, Tuesday and Thursdays after school. Second day when I picked her up, I said how did it go. She said, I almost drowned and I said what do you mean? She said I got water in me and was coughing and spitting stuff into the water I had never seen before and I'm telling my Mom I don't want to go back. And she didn't go back. The lessons were free, but still she didn't want any part of it. Perhaps next year she'll feel differently.

  15. I've been meaning to read this. I've always had problems because of my eyesight - being nearsighted doesn't help with swimming. I kick like mad and have no trouble putting my head under, but I usually collide with things in my way.

    I admire your determination to learn, Winifred. Good for you!



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