Saturday, 14 March 2009

Let’s Dance for Comic Relief

Celebrities have taken up dancing to support Comic Relief and some have been so funny.

The final was tonight and here are the finalists:

Jo Brand – Does Britney Spears

I love Jo Brand, she never takes herself too seriously. She wanted to be eliminated in the first programme but was too popular.

Paddy & Keith – Dirty Dancing

This one was great, they took it so seriously. The actual dance tonight was much funnier than this clip and the judges and presenters were crying laughing at them.

Robert Webb – Flashdance

This one really made me laugh. I love the bit where he tries to jump back onto his feet and can’t. As Jo Brand says he makes a more attractive woman than she does bless her!

Dick and Dom Shake Their Tailfeathers

I’m not a big fan of Dick & Dom, prefer Ant & Deck but they did OK.

Denise Lewis and Martin Offiah do Bombay Dreams

I thought they were excellent. He moves really well for a rugby player and she’s still in good shape after her Olympic heptathlon days. Well she did do Strictly Come Dancing in 2004 so maybe she's kept her dancing shoes on.

The Bill Does Riverdance

These weren’t funny they were quite good, well Lisa Maxwell was. Made me wonder whether maybe she’d done some Irish dancing before.

The BBC videos of all the dancers are on their Red Nose website.

And the winner was………Robert Webb!


  1. I pick Dirty Dancing. For Comic Relief as the best.

  2. Yes I thought that certainly was the funniest. They got better too when they did the final performance.

  3. What a great show this must have beeen.

  4. Oh, sorry Winifred, I can't watch video's on my pc. Maybe one day soon, when I can finally get high speed internet. My ISP is promising it will be soon. Just one of the disadvantages of living in the boonies.

    Dancing is very popular in the States these days, as we have Daning with the Stars. I always enjoy it, and some of the dancers are quite funny, because they are not really dancers.

    Hope your Sunday was pleasant.



  5. Winifred love this blog entry, Jo is one of my favourite comedians, I saw her at the Apollo on TV once.
    I miss BBC TV :(
    thank you for making me smile!


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