Saturday, 28 February 2009

My Second Guilty Pleasure

I Do Like a Lie in!

I really do love not having to get up for work now. I always used to love a lie in when I was young and my Mam bless her used to let us lie in until lunch time if we’d been out to a dance the night before.

I’m just not an early to bed person, I’m rarely in bed before midnight and I’ve never been a morning person. I always found it hard to get up when the alarm went off, and I used to turn over for an extra few minutes. I used to leave the alarm on at weekends just for the pleasure of turning over and switching it off. I’m not bad tempered or anything I just function better afternoons and evenings.

Guess what? My husband is the opposite, he gets up anytime after 5.30 am. It’s such a pain!

Some mornings I’m still up early to take the kiddoes to school and nursery but others I have a lovely lie in, It's especially nice if the weather is bad, I just snuggle back under the duvet.

I’m making the most of it because once my husband retires, I doubt if I’ll get to lie in for very long.


  1. I live for Saturday mornings. I completely understand staying in bed. Maybe your husband will change when he retires.

  2. My husband is a 5:00 am guy. I keep telling him we are retired now.

  3. Hi Winifred,

    Hmm, well lets see if I have success with posting this comment. Well, I didn't, this is a second try!

    I am just the opposite. I am a morning person, usually up at 5 AM, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, happy to start my day. I go to bed around 9 PM, watch TV in bed but am usually asleep by 10.

    When I was younger, I did like to sleep in/lie in on weekends.

    Speaking of weekends, hope you're having a good one!

  4. I love lying in too....
    I'm only a morning person if I can stay home, I think it may come from "us" Brits, not having to go to school until 9am. When I worked in a bank in England, I didn't have to be at work until 9am either...we just don't see the need of getting up with the chickens over there do we ?

  5. That sounds so nice! I do it when I can get away it. Seems to be rare these days. My husband gets up at 5 am every day and I usually wake up because I hear him.
    Have a lazy fun Sunday!

  6. I always sleep in on Saturdays. Sunday I have to get up for church, but not as early as the week day. I don't get to bed till around midnight, but on work days I have to get up at 5:30am. I am not a good getter upper. I hit the sleep button many times. All of these years getting up early and I can't get used to it. My husband was an early riser and in a good mood in the morning. I am really grumpy and slow to move in the morning.

  7. I just took a quiz today to find out if I was a morning person or a night person. It turned out I am an "Afternoon Person" Now I understand why I never felt like a morning or night person. I understood myself for the first time today!!! LOL

  8. ooh - enjoy it Winifred. I wish I could stay in bed in the mornings but once awake I have to be up. Used to be an owl but now in bed 10-ish, read a while, usually asleep by 11. Awake anything from 5.30 onwards. This morning 4 am!!! Never mind - feet up this afternoon for a snooze. A x

  9. Gday Minifred,, A girl after my own heart.. I love a lay in ..In summer i lay with the fan on getting a nice breeze and winter I love nothing better than to snuggle down under the covers...

  10. Spouse and I both enjoy getting up at a very early hour. Both living alone for a number of years, we were accustomed to having morning time to ourselves. Now we battle for first selections of the day i.e. coffee, tv, computer, etc. It's pretty funny how the first one up tries to be as quiet as possible so we won't wake the other.

  11. I would love to sleep in a morning or two a week, but no such luck. I have never needed an alarm clock in my life because I am awake whether I like it or not between 4 & 5 AM every day. I sometimes stay in bed till 6 AM just so I don't wake Harvey who could sleep till 8 AM if allowed too. Chloe & Luigi, our little dogs, refuse to stay in bed past 6 AM they are ready to go out for the morning thing, and then they race back into the kitchen demanding to be fed immediately. Occasionally I take a 30 min. nap late afternoon and frequently a big nap between 8PM-9PM. I never go to bed before 11PM rarely fall asleep till midnight. I have tried to change my habits but have not been successful. I guess I will just plod along as is.
    I have the TV on this morning and a sleep Dr was addressing this very issue. He is suggesting we eat a banana and drink a small glass of warm milk before retiring, it sometimes helps. I'll try it.

  12. Oh I'm the same naturally but the Hubster is a 6am lark! During my 2 yrs in retirement I would often get up after 9am, but then I figured I'd earned it after 23 yrs working!

  13. I don't get up early, I usually make it up by around 7am. Abe gets up between 4-5am. He goes to bed around 9-10pm and I'm up till midnight or later. Even as a child or teenager, I never could lay in bed past 9am. Had to get up to see what was happening. LOL I didn't want to miss anything.

  14. oooh, yeah, I hear you sister! Mind you I can appreciate the joys of early morning - the freshness of the air, the light as it creeps up, etc etc and go through phases of getting up early, but my natural preference is late at night - it's often when I do my most creative stuff.

    For a while, til I put more exercise into my life, it was becoming too painful to stay in bed (arthritis) and now the paradox is that to enjoy lieing in bed longer, I have to get up earlier to exercise. Hmmm.

  15. I love to snuggle up under the duvet, especially when it's so chilly on the other side of it! Both my husband and I like a lie in, but no later than about 8:30 (we always go to bed before 11:00 p.m.) Unfortunately, one of the cats like to get under the bed and meow wildly until we stir ourselves to go downstairs and feed them all. We take turns doing that job and then settle back into blissful snoozing. Only on Saturday and Sunday.


  16. Looks like I'm not the only one who likes a lie in. However what's late to some people is early to me!

    I think I do get up better in summer when it's warmer and lighter. However even then if I'm up by 8 o'clock, that's what I call early.

    Mind you I rarely sleep during the day or nap early evening. I probably should as I know it's good for you. However if I have ever fallen asleep I can't get to sleep at night.

  17. Oh, my gosh!!! We have more in common than I thought! I, too, am a night owl! I love to stay up late or all night for that matter and then sleep til noon! ha-ha I sleep until the phone rings for the business....and sometimes it wakes me up!

    Drop by and check out my snow pics! We got hit least, hard for our area in the South here...on Sunday night. The entire area came to a standstill yesterday.

    Havea great week, Winifred!

    ((( HUGS )))

  18. I hear ya on all counts Winifred! I too am not a morning person. My hubby is.... I'm a night owl! 8-)
    At this past weekend retreat, you sure get to know who does, and who doesn't, do mornings! 8-)

  19. We are kindred spirits.I rarely get to bed before midnight and often 12.30 am or later and getting up in the morning I hate. If I have to go somewhere then the alarm is on for 7.30 pm and I might manage to crawl out by 8.0. 8.30 am - 9.0 am would suit me fine but I hate to do that as it puts me out of sink with everyone else all day.

  20. I had one yesterday! I usually get up at 5:00 every morning. I also had grad class Saturday and Sunday. We had a snow day yesterday. I was already up and showered, but I went back to bed!

  21. Dear Winifred ~~ Like you, I am a night person and like to lie in till 8 am or later if unwell.
    Thank you for the comments and I am glad you enjoy the jokes. The worst of the fires are over thankfully. Still a couple burning but not near towns or homes. Such a relief.
    Take care my friend, Love, Merle.


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