Saturday, 31 January 2009

Thank You Cloody and Frank!

Note my new speakers! (lovely Christmas present from my daughter)

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Cloody and Frank who pointed me in the direction of using the iPod to listen to podcasts with their Mighty iPod Shuffle posting.

I hadn't bothered at all with the iTunes shop after my horrendous problems with iTunes. However I took Frank's word for it and did a bit of a reccie. I found absolutely loads of podcasts there that as Frank said are free to download. All kinds of topics, arts, comedy, music, education and so on.

My favourites? From the Education section I've downloaded a whole Spanish course, Coffee Break Spanish. There's French, German, Italian, Japanese and loads more types of language courses.

My other choice picks are Wake up to Wogan and Stephen Fry's podcasts.

It's absolutely amazing! I'm going to spend some more time researching what's available.

Now there has to be a downside for me, there always is somehow. I can't get any podcast to download to my laptop, only my husband's. So I can't download to my iPod as I use my laptop for that. Not clever enough to figure out how or whether you can use the iPod with two laptops. Not to worry I'll just use his laptop to listen to them.

So a million thanks to you Cloody and Frank, happy podcasting.

Hope the weather is better for you. Take care of yourselves.


  1. I talk to Frank this morning and told him about your thank you for podcast. He said tell you he was happy it worked for you. Frank and Cloody have no electricity but they do have gas heat to stay warm. We have beg them to come stay with us ,there children have beg them to come stay with them. We and there son live only 1 1/2 hours from them. We could ring the neck for being so independent. They have been with out electricity for 5 days now. Most of the village people have left to stay with family. The news said it may be a month be for they get power.

  2. That's terrible to be without power for another month. I hope someone can persuade them to leave especially if most people at The Village have left. It's lovely they have people who are so kind and care so much about them, lots of people are totally alone.

    I know it's good to be independent but it's a bit dangerous in this case. I do hope they reconsider.

  3. That is a fabulous present Winifred. I am sure someone will come to your rescue, and help you figure out how to get it to download to your laptop. I am afraid that person is not me:)

  4. That was a great gift. I am glad someone can figure out how to do all this computer stuff because I certainly can't.

  5. Sounds like you are technologically challenged also! I just got my first ipod. My daughter and husband had to help me put tunes on it!

  6. I like listening to podcasts too. There are some knitting podcasts and a few medical ones I enjoy.

  7. You've completely lost me Winifred! A x

  8. Hi,
    A RR is a round robin. I am in a 9 person round robin at the mo. We each send a piece of work we would like other people to sew for us. It is a chance to try new things and see what other things people are doing. Some are really good, little motives and things..but others just take the the heart. So much sewing lol. I am not a fan, this is my first and my last. I have done 6 now, so just three more to go and then I get mine back, completed.
    You are very brave...I am very tempted to get an ipod..especially for the stephen Fry podcasts, but I have no idea what an ipod really is lol.

  9. Dear Winifred ~ ~ What a great present and I hope you can work out how to use it.
    Glad you liked the tea party story and I am glad you are able to keep warm. The gas bill will get paid, and you have to keep warm.
    Take good care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  10. There are so many electronic gadgets I don't know what I want. My standard portable radio/cassett player with headphones serves me well as I determine what new fangled things I need. I envy your iPod and speakers simply because they look so cute.

  11. I am so behind the times. I know nothing about this. My husband has these things but he listens to more music, podcasts, books on tape all of that ....than I do. It does look like a wonderful gift Winifred!

  12. Interesting as an iPod is something I am thinking of getting. Just not taken the plunge yet,

    Answering your question. We have a combined
    Video/DVD recorder where one can copy over in the same way one used to copy tapes with a double tape deck. The reason we bought it.

  13. I'm going to have to get myself an iPod. I love the stuff you've downloaded! I took high school Spanish but could use a refresher, that's for sure.
    I love Stephen Fry! I have a book of his called "The Ode Less Travelled" which is all about writing poetry (that's obvious, I suppose).

    When I do get an iPod, Winifred, I'll look to your experience as my guide!



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