Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well I have been busy. Hoping to get the New Year off to a good start and whilst I was recovering from my lurgy I went into action with the knitting needles and crochet hooks.

So what did I do.

Here's the first one a little cream crochet matinee coat. I bought Ellen a set of clothes that this would match with.

I love this pattern, it's one of the first things I ever crocheted. After I left work, when I was pregnant with Neil, way back in 1970 I decided to teach myself to crochet. I bought a crochet pattern book, wool, a couple of hooks, sat down and just did it.

I've made lots of these little coats over the past thirty odd years for various babies and it's a lovely pattern. I love crocheting and it's so much quicker than knitting.

I knitted a little white cardigan for Ellen too but forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it to Neil to take home.

Here's the little poncho I also crocheted for her. Ponchos are so useful, it's much easier to carry babies in these than with a blanket. There are easier than jackets to put on too, no pushing little hands into sleeves, no gaps and they fit nicely around the neck. They fit for a long time too, so she should still be wearing it when she is toddling about.

This is another pattern I've had for over thirty years. I've made it for Claire my daughter and also for Lauren her little girl.

So I've made a good start this year, just hope I can keep up the good work. What made life easier was already having the wool in the house so I didn't have to go mooching about looking for it. Wool is hard to get these days, we don't have any local shops which sell wool.

The other day I had a quick look in at a big Hobbycraft shop on a retail park when I went to the dentist for a check up. I was horrified at the price of the baby wool. If I had bought the wool for that little cream matinee coat it would have cost me £5.00! No wonder people don't knit and crochet much now.


  1. I'm sorry I don't know anything about crocheting, but I very much liked your post " When I'm 64". Happy Birthday

    Cloody and Frank

  2. What beautiful little creations. I tried to teach myself to knit, but I also had a bad habit of dozing off while trying to knit, and the stitches would fall off the needle. So I stuck with crocheting, I think it's faster and if I fall asleep, I usually only lose one stitch. and can figure out how to fix it. Knitting I could never figure it out. LOL

  3. those are lovely, I so wish I could knit or crochet, you are very talented....

    Gill in Canada

  4. Great work Winifred! They are both adorable. I have been wanting to knit a poncho for the baby also. Many years ago I did baby gifts and never took a photo. Now I try to remember to always take a photo.

  5. Great work! I never had the patience to learn how to do knitting or crocheting. I tried crocheting one. Is there a chain stich?

  6. They are both beautiful. I want to do crocheting, got a book so will see if I can. I do some knitting.Have been caught up in quilting this past 2 years.

  7. Oh, they're adorable, Winifred. You ARE talented. I haven't crochet in years. I have a friend that crochet's a pair of slippers for me every winter.

    Ellen will be warm and snug and cute in the little coat and poncho!

    Happy New Year. It will be a joy to watch the little one grow in 2009.



  8. They are lovely Winifred, such pretty patterns too. Agree with you about the price of wool though, it must put off would-be knitters and people who crochet (crocheters!). I do knit from time to time but have never mastered crochet. My mother is brilliant at it and has done some wonderful things. Perhaps I should ask her to teach me, after all I will be 65 this year - it's time I learned.

    A x

  9. They're both beautiful. I can't really crochet-not enough needles for my brain to wrap around, but this is the year I'll try. I found a beautiful pattern for Tunisian crochet and I'll start with that.

  10. Just wanted to let you know I have mentioned your blog on a post I am doing on Friday on my blog.

    Gill in Canada

  11. How cute!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Don't need to know you for you to pray, we are all God's children. Thank you again. Would like to get to know you though.


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