Wednesday, 26 November 2008

It's National Curry Week 23 - 29 November 2008

Curry is certainly one of Britain's favourite dishes, whether it's a Chicken Tikka Masala, Prawn Korma or Rogan Ghosh. Indian cuisine has become so popular that now, every year we have a National Curry Week.

All over Britain Indian restaurants, caterers, pubs, canteen, schools, clubs etc are invited to celebrate the cuisine and culture with special dinners, record-breaking attempts, raffles, auctions and more. This is all in aid of contributing to the alleviation of poverty by supporting Oxfam, the appointed charity for 2008. You can eat out during the week and donate to the cause or send £1 per person to Oxfam.

Find out more about Oxfam here and how you can get involved.

Use the links to the recipes below and have a special curry.

Take a look at the National Curry Week recipes, there's curries and kebabs and lots of other international dishes.

There are also lots of delicious recipes here


  1. This certainly looks interesting. I'll have to check out the recipes. Thumbing through my recipe file I came across a recipe for curried shrimp that I forgot about. It's good.

  2. Oops, I missed this post. Love curry, so will be checking out the recipes - thanks for that Winifred.

    A x

  3. I love curry and will check out the recipes. Thank you for sharing this event with us. I was raised in Australia, and was raised by my Grandmother, who was an amazing cook. We had curry for dinner when she had left over lamb. I make Indian recipes occasionally, but really love to eat at a good Indian Restaurant. Maine seems to be lacking one. Before we left So California 10 years ago, we walked to one from our house. (Mayur.) " Fabulous food". Marjorie

  4. Im behind , but wanted to get in on the Curry comments. I love India food, but it's not available here. There are several Indian restaurants in Memphis, TN and we give them a try occasionally . We can also buy the spices in Memphis. Thanks for all the good information.


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