Sunday, 16 August 2015

I've Been Knitting & Crocheting Like Mad!

Once I retired I started to knit again. I managed to keep my wool buying to a minimum for a while but I got really hooked on knitting lacey shawls. I have about five lots of wool waiting for shawls but I'll do those in winter. However I have bought quite a lot of wool in sales in recent months. I've done quite a lot over the last few weeks but I need to slow down with it but most of all the wool buying!
I thought I had got over the habit of starting new things & then leaving them but obviously I haven't.
I started to crochet the blanket above & I really like it. I changed the colours to blues, beige & cream as I just don't do pink. I'm making it in pure wool & I've got quite a lot done. Would have had it finished but it was too heavy & bulky to take on holiday so it's standing in the corner of the dining room. I'm not putting it away in case I forget about it!
One of the 45 squares (I've done 35)
I did manage to crochet a little summer bolero last week from some cotton that's been lying around for over a year now. The pattern below was very quick & easy to do. I made it in white & it's lovely. However it's quite heavy so may not make it into the case for the next holiday! 
My next tour is to the Orkney & Shetland Islands in September. I'm not expecting warm weather in fact I assume it will be pretty windy, cool & possibly wet. I don't wear hats as I don't think I suit them probably because I wear glasses. However I know I really need one for that trip. On our last tour in the Hebrides it was very chilly & some ladies bought pom pom hats on the Isle of Mull. They were very nice but cost them nearly £30! So I decided to knit one a couple of weeks ago. I liked the one below.
The Baby Alpaca Silk  was lovely & soft to knit with, however after I finished it I decided the pom poms were a tad twee so I crocheted a flower.
This is the finished product below.


I'll probably never wear it again after the tour but I don't want to have to spend a mint on buying one in Scotland. 
I also made an Estonian shawl for a friend. It's the Triangular Summer Shawl from Nancy Bush's book Knitted Shawls of Estonia. I've made it four times now & I love the pattern despite all the nupps! She hasn't got it yet so hope she likes it.
I'm more than half way through making this jumper below in blue cotton but I've stopped. I know the reasons why I usually stop, either I'm not sure I like what it's looking like or I've altered the pattern! Yes, I've altered the pattern. However I need to keep going, I can't have more stuff lying about.
I also have the cotton for this back fastening jumper!!!!!!! Don't bother watching this space, I have no idea when I'll get it done as I've decided I want to make a quilt, not a huge one though!