Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What a Day!

You get them don't you, those days when you just shouldn't have got out of bed!

For once I got up early & made some soup before I went out to meet my sister for coffee & then lunch. Well then I couldn't find my purse. Had my handbag but not the purse. After a 20 minute panic & a search that got more desperate by the minute I finally found it on the window sill of all places.

After lunch I left Marks & Spencer to get the car & as I approached it the car started to shudder. I realised someone had hit it. A car pulled in next to it & two elderly people got out, totally oblivious to the fact the lady had hit my car. Luckily they had only scraped some paint off, red paint! The old chap was vehemently denying they had touched the car & the lady said she didn't think she had touched it as there was no red paint on her silver car. I looked & the front of her car was covered with scrapes & mainly white paint.  Crumbs it was a mess. She said that had been done earlier when she hit her garage. There was red paint on it but there were so many bumps & scratches it was hard to see it. She offered to pay me for some paint but I felt really sorry for them so I said no, I would just get it done. The chap had some kind of brain problem. To be honest she probably shouldn't be driving.
I will have to be more careful where I park in future, as far away from the shops as I can as the more elderly try to get as near to the shop as possible. Crumbs you would think I was a spring chicken!

You would think that was my lot for the day, but no. Fate had some more rubbish to dump on me. After I had read with the children in Year 2 at My granddaughter's school, I walked out of the gates with her & promptly fell over. No I hadn't imbibed anything alcoholic with my lunch, I had fallen foul of a path with paving stones that had sunk to a lower lever than the concrete part of the path. Yes probably as a result of some service companies laying new cables or pipes! They have made a horrendous mess of our roads & pathways. Well it took me a few minutes to get my breath back & get up. I'd badly twisted my ankle, bashed the knee on my other leg & hurt my hands. Still I managed to get up & hobble to the car. It was a difficult job putting the clutch in though, hurt like mad. My ankle's badly swollen & I have a lovely lump on my knee which will be black & blue soon, but I don't think anything is broken thankfully. Mustn't have osteoporosis or I could have had a few broken bones with the way I fell down. So as soon as I can go back to the school I'll take a photo, contact the council to tell them to get their act together & get the path fixed before someone has an even nastier fall & takes them to court!

I had intended to go shopping for stuff for our holidays afterwards but that went for a burton! Took my granddaughter home & promptly dropped my phone on the brick driveway! Luckily it just took a chunk out of it, the glass didn't break & the phone is still working. Thankfully it isn't an iPhone or it would have been a gonner. My daughter got a new one recently & within less than 24 hours the screen was broken. A bit femmer as my granddad would have said. Whereas I've dropped mine a few times & it's been OK. Must get a cover for it or one of these days it will break.

So all in all not a good day, I kept thinking it must be Friday 13th! However I'm counting my blessings. It could have been a whole lot worse!

Sadly I won't be shopping for new clothes tomorrow either, just not up to it. I'm staying at home. In fact I might not get out of bed but knowing my luck I'll probably fall out!

Maybe I'll make some more Easter chicken baskets! A good excuse to get out of the housework. As if I needed one!

Happy Easter to everyone in case I don't post again soon.

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