Monday, 16 February 2015

Scotland Again!


I'm ashamed it's taken me so long to post this year! No real excuse I haven't had any horrible lurgeys, I haven't had much work to do on the church newsletter & website and I haven't had a lot of babysitting to do. The weather has been quite good so I haven't stayed in much. Done quite a bit of gadding about locally & taken a few photos so maybe I'll get to post some.

I've done a lot of knitting, shawls mainly. Now three are waiting to be blocked if I ever find the time!

Well I've got some of my rail tours for this year. Can't believe I've got two Scottish ones! I'm going to some of the places I went last summer & some brilliant new ones.

I did love Ballachulish which is not far from Fort William. We travelled up from Glasgow on the West Highland Line. Keeping my fingers crossed nfor a fine trip. It pelted down the whole day so we could hardly see a thing on the journey. I was told it was a gorgeous trip, well I might get to see it this time.

It was so serene & peaceful in Ballachulish. The photo above is of the old hotel we stayed in which was on the edge of Loch Leven. 

The photos below are of the Loch & you can see how lovely it was even in quite dull weather. Well it is Scotland.

I had to laugh at what two Americans said to me complaining about the hotel. "The company should never send people to hotels where there are no shops & restaurants". I think they must have expected Disneyworld! Not sure how I held it in!

Not sure if we'll be going here I haven't got the final itinerary yet. It was very photogenic & has been used for lots of films including Skyfall. It was hard getting a photo without anyone walking in front of you to take a photo!

 Eilan Donan Castle

Off again to Isle of Mull on the ferry from Oban. I enjoyed that ferry crossing.

Ferry to Isle of Mull

On the Crossing to Mull

Didn't get to stay on Mull last time, only toured Duart Castle but I think we're staying in Craignure for three nights. Hope we get to Tobermory this time & see the lovely location for the children's TV series Balamory! Always wanted to go there but won't get to see Archie's pink castle!

I'll get to Inverness again. I liked it but didn't have enough time to see much. Another dull day but at least it didn't rain.

I'll get to go on the Jacobite Steam Train again alias Hogwart's Express! A lovely journey from Fort William to Mallaig especially great crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct. 

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Any Harry Potter fans will remember this from the scene with the flying Ford Anglia! The photo isn't good because it was taken from inside the train & the windows were closed. There were people in cars following us & stopping every so often to wave to the train. Just hope the weather is a bit kinder this time.

I'll be in the lovely Edinburgh a few times. The weather was gorgeous both times I was there!

National Gallery

Princes Street Gardens

This time I'll also get to Glasgow which I also love.

Now the new places I'm going to are Aberdeen & right up to Thurso & John O'Groats at the top of Scotland to catch the ferry to Orkney & the Shetlands. We'll also be travelling on the Royal Deeside Railway & going to Balmoral if the Queen isn't in residence! WOW!

I'm also going to Pitlochry, Plockton (where they filmed Hamish Macbeth) Urquhart Castle Loch Ness, the Hebrides, Staffa, Iona & Fingal's Cave. Double WOW!!!!!

Here's a link to my map of the places I'm visiting in Scotland. See how far up north Shetland is from Thurso. It's a fair trek, halfway to Norway.

My other tours are Cornwall & Lake Garda, Verona & Venice. Gorgeous!

Think it's going to be a hectic summer. Just hope it's a good one weatherwise especially on those sea cruises around the Scottish islands but I'm not holding out great hopes! I'll enjoy it whatever the weather. 

My Singer 338!

Well here it is my very first sewing machine, the one I got for my 21st birthday in 1966! I know it cost my Mam  a lot to buy it for me...