Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Scotland Here I Come!

Princes Street Gardens & Edinburgh Castle (Source-Wiki Commons-AD Weskens)

In my last post I mentioned that I have got a new job. It's as a tour manager for a rail travel company and I've been allocated a tour of Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands and the Islands of Skye and Mull. 

All I can say is wow! It's many years since I was in Edinburgh but I've never been to the Highlands or any of the Scottish islands so I'm really looking forward to it. Just hope the weather is good in June.

I was also allocated a river cruise from Prague to Berlin which I was delighted about but unfortunately it hit right on my granddaughter's First Holy Communion so sadly I couldn't do it. Never mind I'll wait to see what else I've been allocated.

Meanwhile I've completed the training, absorbed mountains of information and now I have to start my own research for the tour. Seems a long time to wait until June I just hope I get an earlier tour allocated as I feel like a child who can hardly wait for Christmas!