Monday, 4 February 2013

My Local Library

                                                            The Green Library

When I retired I decided I wasn't going to buy any more books. Well I needed to cut back on spending and to be truthful I'd filled all the shelves in the house yet there were still books lying around.

So I decided to buy books from the local charity shops. I was never going to get the latest editions but the books were quite cheap & at least I was contributing to charities. After I'd read them I used to either hand them back in or leave them wherever I went on holiday. 

I came across some great books that way. A couple I held on to were the David Niven ones, The Moon's a Balloon & Bring on the Empty Horses. They are absolute gems & I wouldn't part with them. If you haven't read them & want a good laugh as well as an insight into the life of a wonderful film star in the Hollywood of the 'thirties, 'forties & 'fifties, try them.

Well over the last couple of years the books have got pretty expensive at the charity shops. It's cheaper buying them at shops where they get rid of old stocks & then handing them into the charity shops so at least there's still a contribution to them.

So I decided to start to use our local library again. I hadn't used it for years as I never had time when I was working. I used to use it when I walked the children to school or I would take them in on the way home. It's a small branch which only opens for a few days a week. I decided to support them as the council cut backs have been affecting libraries for quite a while now. I'd hate to see it close as it provides a wonderful service for all ages. Now I take my granddaughter there after school & she loves it.

Last summer they had some great craft sessions for children where they were making things relating to the Olympics. I took my granddaughter along & she made an Olympic Torch, a laurel wreath, Olympic medals & a pencil box. The staff are always great, everything was free & the children really enjoyed it.

There are three libraries in Washington & surprisingly my granddaughter prefers the little old one to the other two up to date modern ones. The photo above is of the library we use, The Green Library. (Complete with blue wheelie bin). 

Yes the library's painted green but that's not why it has that name. I had to explain to Lauren that it's called The Green Library because it is situated on the Village Green. She gave me a withering look that said "That's what she thinks"! As they do, well let's face it, what do we know?

Washington Village Green

It's very close to Washington Old Hall which is the ancestral home of the Wessingtons (George Washington's ancestors). If I remember correctly the library is just opposite the place where President Carter planted a cherry tree in Washington on the Village Green, during his UK visit in May 1977. Sadly the tree died, it had been virtually frozen in the cargo of the plane on its way across the Atlantic! 

Have to admit that although I've lived in Washington for over forty years I've never been into the Old Hall. Must do it this summer & maybe get some better photographs.

Entrance to Washington Old Hall

So do you use your local library? I know lots of people have moved over to e-readers but I have to say I haven't. I know they can be useful when you go on holiday but I really like the feel of a book & you don't have to keep charging it up. 

The other issue is cost. Now I would have thought it would be really cheap to buy an e book but it's not. Just been looking at some recent biographies on Amazon & quite a few e books are dearer than the hard cover editions of books. It's a bit like buying an iTune compared to a vinyl LP complete with gorgeous glossy artwork covers. There's nothing tangible for your dosh is there? I always felt like I was getting my moneysworth with my Buddy Holly & Beatles LPs. Not like with the cassettes, CDs & iTunes.

Well think I'll just stick to the library for now. Even if they don't always have the specific book I would like to read. My reading list is massive and they have more than enough books on it to keep me going. Anyway I'll be helping keep our local library open for a while longer.

My Singer 338!

Well here it is my very first sewing machine, the one I got for my 21st birthday in 1966! I know it cost my Mam  a lot to buy it for me...