Thursday, 15 November 2012

It’s definitely getting near to Christmas when you see the John Lewis Christmas advert. I love them because they don’t bombard you with the stuff they’re selling like the other shops do. 

They're always classy and send a slushy sentimental message about love and that’s what Christmas is about really. Not the crass commercial mountains of presents, just getting something special for someone you love.

So here’s this year’s advert called The Journey where a little girl’s snowman goes on his own personal journey but I won’t spoil it and tell you why. 

Just watch the advert and listen to the lovely version of The Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin. Much nicer than the Frankie Goes to Hollywood's version! 

Want to see some earlier ones?

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2010 

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