Monday, 9 May 2011

I'm Definitely Losing It!

There are some days I think I’m doing OK then others when I know I’m losing the plot.  Today was one of the losing the plot days.

I decided I needed to increase my level of activity from one or two swims a week to at least three.  Doctors nowadays are daft about giving you tablets to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure levels low, well that came from the government!  The downside is that it’s proving hard for people to get travel insurance once they start you on the tablets.  It’s a mad world as those taking the tablets with the low blood pressure and cholesterol have got to be a safer bet to insure than those who don’t bother but it doesn’t work like that.

Today was the day I started to increase the swimming.  I also thought I’d try out my new swimming costume that I bought last week.  The one I currently use is two years old and has lasted amazingly well considering how many times it has been worn.  I think it’s a combination of less chemicals in the new swimming pools, think they use bio-filters and also the new chlorine resistant fabrics which some swimming costume manufacturers use.  I’ve been expecting my current costume to give up the ghost for a while and been looking for a new one.  Don't want it to disintegrate on holiday!  It’s taken a while as I’m a bit picky.  I have to say, I don’t like them too loose or after they get wet you look like a saggy sack of potatoes.  I’ve made that mistake a couple of times and bought bathers that fitted comfortably only for a couple of swims.  Now I know I need to buy them a little bit tight as they do give a little.  

So I thought I’d test out my new bather today and grabbed it as I went out to swim.  It felt really great for swimming not too tight, very comfortable and definitely not saggy!  I finished the swim came out had a shower and went to get changed.  As I took off the bather I noticed the little thin plastic ring that they attach the manufacturer’s tags to the costume with.  It was still attached to one of the straps!  Had a little giggle to myself as I thought thank goodness I hadn’t left the tags on.  That would have been horrendous as Zoggs (costume manufacturer) attach four fairly large oval tags to their goods.  One tells you about the chlorine resistant fabric they use, the second tells you what size, style and colour it is and their Swim4 Fitness programme, the third tells you the leg height of the bather (most important) and the last has the Zoggs logo and website information.  Now just imagine all that that stuff flapping about on your back as you swim and you can’t see it.  I kept on smiling about it as I got ready thinking I’d hardly dare show my face again if I’d left them on.  People would be thinking what an old nutter she is, can’t even take the tags off her bather!

As I bent down to put on my shoes I stopped smiling.  This is what I saw on the floor. Yes, four soggy Zoggs tags.  Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Not sure I dare go back!

My Singer 338!

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