Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Calling All Crime Fans

Now who is your favourite TV detective? Want to vote for them?

Well this is not a totally open contest, there are only detectives from UK TV programmes to vote for as it's the ITV3 People's Detective Award.

I found it hard to choose as I like nearly all of them. I seem to watch more crime programmes than anything else at the moment. There's been a great season of programmes looking at the characteristics of the detectives and followed by an episode which I've thoroughly enjoyed. Yes, they're all repeats but better than most of the new programmes we're presented with at the moment.

As I said it was a hard choice as there are these great characters to select from:

Tom Barnaby - Midsommer Murders

Christopher Foyle - Foyle's War
Jack Frost - A Touch of Frost
Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock 
Robbie Lewis - Lewis
Jane Marple - Marple
Endeavour Morse - Inspector Morse 
Hercule Poirot - Poirot
John Rebus - Rebus
Jane Tennison - Prime Suspect
Reg Wexford - Wexford
Charles Wycliffe - Wycliffe

To be honest I think Inspector Morse is probably the best TV detective programme ever made, but he's not my favourite detective and although I do really like it, it's not my favourite programme. I whittled my choices down to Lewis and Foyle but eventually I chose Christopher Foyle. I love the setting during World War 2 giving you an insight into the daily life of people during the war. Well the life of some people, it was set in Hastings, Sussex so it would have been very different to life in London or other big cities which were heavily bombed. Most of all I love the quiet, intelligent and totally honest character of Christopher Foyle, played so brilliantly by Michael Kitchen. The supporting cast is great too, Honeysuckle Weeks as Sam and Anthony Howell as Sergeant Milner. 

What is interesting is how popular the series was and yet ITV cancelled it. Well TV people aren't always the best at making these decisions are they. Look at the loonies in the US who cancelled Harry O for Charlie's Angels but that's another story. Even though it had a good audience which had never dropped, (the final programme was watched by 7.3 million viewers) ITV cancelled it. Partly for economic reasons and partly an attempt to attract the "yoof" audience. However the fans reacted and wrote to the press to complain and it was reinstated. You can read about it here in the Daily Telegraph's interview with the writer of Foyle's War,  Anthony Horowitz.

Foyles War - Daily Telegraph

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