Friday, 9 April 2010

Knitted Chairs? Post 150

This is beginning to turn into a knitting blog. Not deliberately, it’s just the way things are panning out.

I kid you not,knitted chairs do exist. I'm not going totally ga ga just yet. Well they're knitted covers really.

Seems like a new art form to me. They even have a website dedicated to them. It’s brilliant. If you don't believe me take a look Knitted Chairs. Here's a designer one. I'd love a chair like this. It's gorgeous.

Can you believe there’s even a Knit a Chair Day in London. Take a look at last year's here on You Tube.

It's a very environmentally friendly idea. Who'd have thought you could turn ordinary plastic garden chairs into works of art.

Are you up for it?

Well here’s the link to the pattern for the chair in the top picture.

In the meantime need a tune to knit to?

Post 150