Friday, 26 March 2010

I've Finally Done It! Post 147

What you may ask have I done?

Well way back in March 2009 I signed up for swimming lessons. I even blogged about it here. I had great expectations of being able to do a passable front crawl by May. What a laugh!

Well it's been a struggle I have to say. I found it hard to co-ordinate my leg kick, raising my arms out of the water and then putting my face into the water (YUK!) to breathe.

I learned how to swim breast stroke putting my head under the water. Swimming this way means my neck doesn't hurt and I can swim for much longer. Funnily enough it's faster too. Learning this involved re-learning the stroke but I did it. However the front crawl seemed to be my Nemesis. I couldn't do more than about 10 metres unless I had flippers on. The breathing was my biggest problem, I was out of breath half way across the pool.

I was determined not to give up, so I watched lots of YouTube videos on front crawl breathing. I marvelled at people like this who seemed to swim so effortlessly. Well Mark Foster probably learned to swim when he was very young and must have spent countless hours in the pool. Well he was after speed, I'm not. I just want to be able to swim a length with a bit of style, not splashing about.

Now is it me, or do you think he looks like he's wearing flippers? He isn't, it's just his feet. Wonder what size shoes he wears!

Well watching all those videos paid off, because today I finally swam 25 metres front crawl across the pool, face in the water, very little splashing and no flippers! It felt wonderful, not quite as good as passing my driving test but it just shows you can teach an old dog new tricks!

I need to improve my style. It's not too bad, but as they say "Could do better"! Then my target will be to swim a full 50 metre length.

Wonder if I can manage a tumble turn?

Must get back to the You Tube videos.

Post 147