Monday, 10 August 2009

The Young Ones

Oh I just have to hear this song and I’m 16 again. Lots of songs take me back but this one is different for some reason. I think it’s a lot to do with Hank Marvin’s guitar intro, once it starts I’m gone, I really fill up.

To be honest, the film wasn’t much good, but when you’re 16 you’re not bothered are you? All you want to see and hear is your favourite singer. I saw lots of rubbish teen films in the 'sixties, not many had great music though. He certainly was a great looking lad and a good singer too. Have to say I was also mad about his backing group, The Shadows. Went to see them even when they weren’t with Cliff Richard. They were fantastic and still are!

It’s over fifty years since their careers started and it’s so hard to believe they’re in their seventies now. They’ve aged so well!

I must be mad because when they publicised their 2009 Farewell Tour last year, I didn’t get tickets. I kept thinking, just remember them as they were, so many singers and groups are past their sell by dates and really should have given up. I won’t mention any names!

Then I realised Cliff and The Shadows are just as good as they ever were. However the venues are all sold out and all you can buy are black market tickets. So I’ll just have to watch their clips on You Tube and then buy the video of the tour.

Now for a trip back in time…..

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