Thursday, 2 July 2009

Skywatch Friday - Old Rhodes Town

Old Rhodes Town
(Click to enlarge and cross your fingers!)

Sunday mornings on holiday, after I've been to church, I always like to walk around the edge of the Old Town and look over the walls.

The Moat was always dry apparently but was still a formidable barrier to attack. Now it's landscaped with grass, palm trees and pines and you can walk through it.

There are 4 kilometres of defensive walls developed by The Knights of St John mainly as a defence against the Turks in the 1480s.

This was yet another day in May where there was not a cloud in that heavenly blue sky!

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Post 104

Get a Grip Blogger!

Recently I've been whinging on about the inconsistency of Blogger in relation to inserting photographs that enlarge.

Still haven't sussed out what the problem is because using exactly the same method to insert them, one day they insert and enlarge, the next they don't.

Today I have another moan. What a surprise! I went to look at the blog updates and now I've got this message on my Dashboard:

I'm almost frightened to say this but click to enlarge the picture if you can't read the text!

Now just wait a minute!

What about all those lovely blogs I've been following for the past 10 months? Have I been imagining them? Maybe it's a Dallas moment and I've been dreaming like Bobby Ewing for all that time?

Well that would be OK because if that's the case, I obviously haven't been on holiday yet. Still got something to look forward to. Well was that trip to Rhodes part of the dream too? If so it was a blooming good one.

Did I have a moment of complete madness and delete them? No, I'm not that doolally yet.

No it's all too real this problem and it hasn't gone away. I've been in and out of Google a couple of times and yes, they've all gone.

I was horrified that I might have to start searching for all the blogs I follow. I know I'd never remember them all.

Anyway I've just checked my Blog and thank goodness the updates are still showing on the right hand side. Phew!

Now if they come back I'll make a list of them and also the urls so if they disappear and the side of the blog stops updating I'll still be able to find them.

Is this what they call Disaster Planning?

What on earth is going on?

Come on Blogger, for pity's sake, get a grip before you really do send me doolally tap altogether!

My Singer 338!

Well here it is my very first sewing machine, the one I got for my 21st birthday in 1966! I know it cost my Mam  a lot to buy it for me...