Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thank You Michelle!

A while ago I was looking at Michelle's website and saw her Mailart swap.

It seemed very interesting and I decided to join it.

Well this is what Michelle sent me. Isn't it lovely! This is Michelle's picture of the mailart before she posted it.

Can you see the two lovely little ladybirds? The detail is amazing and the stitches are really perfect. I was hoping that if you clicked on the pictures they would enlarge and you could see the detail but it doesn't seem to work. Now I have no idea why this works sometimes and on other occasions it doesn't if you are doing the same thing. Maybe it's a Blogger quirk. If anyone can enlighten me I'd be grateful. The size of the photos are quite large apart from this little one below, so not sure why it isn't working.

Here is my photograph with the stamp and postmark.

Here's the reverse. Look at the lovely ribbon tie.

Just look at what's inside. The lining is a lovely red design.

Amongst the lovely goodies there's a gorgeous tiny little ladybird pendant which is from Delos
. Hope you can see it just above the greetings card form Michelle.

What a fantastic present this was from Michelle, thank you so much.

Why not take a look at Michelle's website and see some of her fantastic sewing skills.

Now I'm worried that my mailart won't be up to this standard. I'll just have to do my best!

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