Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My Second Swimming Lesson

I’ve been so caught up in Comic Relief postings I forgot to say anything about my swimming progress. Well I needn’t bother really as there wasn't much to report. I didn’t do as well as the first week.

I did the crawl leg kick holding the float in front of me OK like last week. Next came putting my face in and out of the water as I did the leg kick. Now that was quite a bit harder to manage, but I did it.

Next came combining three actions, the leg kick, the face in the water and finally taking one hand off the float and drawing it under the water and back then up to the float and doing the same with the other arm. Needless to say I just couldn’t co ordinate the three things. If I got the arms to work and the face in and out of the water, the legs gradually stopped. Talk about mutli tasking!The swimming instructor says it’s what usually happens, that people can do the first two but the legs just stop.

Well I was worn out after four widths of this, well it is 25 metres across. In the meantime I’m too embarrassed to try it in the pool until the next lesson. Never mind I’ll be back again next week. I didn’t think it would be easy!

I'm not expecting to be able to do this....

....or this....

....but it would be nice to be able to do a bit of this if I ever go to the Caribbean or Mauritius!