Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Well It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas!

What a lovely day I've had today! You don't get many of these to the pound!

Started the day off at 7.15 am with a phone call from my son, Neil. He was letting us know that we have a new grand daughter, Ellen. She was 8 lb 2 ozs and came into the world at 5.30 this morning. Her Mam was getting a bit worried because she was a week overdue and the hospital had told her they might leave her until Christmas Eve. Needless to say she was panicking a bit and worrying about being in hospital on Christmas Day and leaving a 4 year old at home. Problem solved, now we have 3 granddaughters and one grandson.

Next at 10.30 am met my daughter, Claire and went to my granddaughter Lauren's Christmas play, Whoopsy Daisy Angel! A lovely story about a little angel who was messy and always got things wrong. Well, until the day they asked her to let everyone know about the baby Jesus. She didn't mess that up! Brought the tears to your eyes. As the head teacher said, it's hard to believe that they are only between 3 and 4 years old and have only been in school for about 12 weeks. No stage fright, just amazingly confident little performers.

Tomorrow it's the school carol service in church and the Reception Class are performing the traditional nativity play. Lauren's brother's class who are in their final year in Junior School, Year 6 and are the Special Friends of the little ones in Reception, are doing the readings. I must remember the hankies again!

After the play we took Lauren home and had a quick lunch. Next we went to buy presents for the new baby. I have always enjoyed buying lovely clothes for my new grandchildren but today was a real pain. It was the same in all the shops we tried. The shops didn't have much left and some of them were selling the clothes at reduced prices. It was hard to find things that matched. If you could get the dress in the right size, they didn't have the jacket! We eventually managed to find a set, just hope that they like it.

We collected Nathan, Lauren's brother and went home. Then my daughter went off to see to her horse and left me with Nathan & Lauren. I opened the cafe and started to feed them as usual. Next my nephew Glenn who is a golf director at a hotel, arrived with a Christmas present I had ordered for my son in law. Then in came my husband who was in a hurry to go out to a function.

Next my daughter arrived back and we had a coffee together. We had hoped to visit and see the new baby tonight but my son rang to say they were getting out of the hospital at teatime and suggested we put it off until tomorrow. Have to say that although I was a bit disappointed I'm having a lovely relaxing evening on my own with a glass of wine or two, counting my blessings and celebrating a wonderful day. Money can't buy this and God willing, I'll have another lovely day tomorrow.