Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I've Lost It!

Yes, I think I've finally lost it.

All the running about collecting my grandchildren from school and nursery, taking and collecting from discos and parties, Christmas shopping and generally trying to get cleared up for Christmas has finally got to me.

I collected Lauren from nursery and had a few cards I need to get weighed to send abroad. On the way to the Post Office Lauren had a"boulder" in her shoe and I had to stop, put my things down on the ground and sort out the shoe problem. When I got into the Post Office I discovered I had no purse, realised I must have put it down and not picked it up again when I sorted the shoe issue out. Went straight back, literally about 30 yards from the Post Office but no sign of it. Just a man walking his dogs ahead of me. Checked the car and around it then went back home to start the horrendous task of contacting all and sundry to report stuff missing.

The thought of contacting everyone to cancel cards and then being without them for the next couple of weeks was horrendous. Then there was the bus pass, library cards, the list seemed endless. Just as I picked up the phone my mobile rang and there was a strange message from a man to ring him. It turned out he had been walking his dog and picked up my purse. Yes the same one I had seen! He gave me his address and I went to pick it up and thank him.

He lived in the same street as we did when we were first married but had just moved there 4 years ago so I didn't know him. We had a lovely chat talking about what it was like when the houses were first built, we were amongst the first people to move into the street. He loved it there but his wife had never settled and sadly he told me she had died three weeks ago. His daughter was there visiting him and it turned out she lives in the same street as my daughter.

He was a lovely man, so honest and I was really grateful to him. He wouldn't take any money from me as he said well it's not mine it's yours. I told him that it wasn't the money, there was very little in the purse, I never carry much. He had just saved me an awful lot of time and inconvenience and I was really grateful. He wouldn't have any of it though.

Isn't it nice to have your faith in people renewed. There are some really nice and honest people around despite what we see in the papers and on TV.