Friday, 14 November 2008

Skywatch Friday - 14 November 2008

Evening Skies Over Washington

It's amazing the difference in the sky from one window in your house to the next.

The first view is one taken tonight at about 5.00pm from the back bedroom window looking South out over the little wood at the back of the house. Looks like there's a fire but it was just the sun going down. The contrast with the really dark clouds and the trees was striking.

This one was taken about 10 minutes later from the front bedroom window, looking North. It doesn't do the colours justice, those lovely soft pinks, greys and blues. What a contrast with the colours at the back of the house.

I have no idea what the light in the sky was. I didn't see anything when I took the photo so maybe it was a reflection. It could have been a plane heading for Newcastle airport, it's on the flightpath.

Have to hurry, off to watch my favourite TV evening of the year, Children in Need. My favourite spot is always when the BBC newscasters and presenters strut their stuff. Last year it was the Rocky Horror Show, this year it's an Abba tribute. Looking forward to seeing Sir Tel dancing with Flavia and Tess Daly dancing with Anton Du Beke doing their own Strictly Come Dancing and a Royle Family sketch.

Hope they do a podcast!

Had a good laugh this afternoon on the Steve Wright Show Radio 2 when he said that it was mad in London today all the activities going on and the collections. He said the tourists just hadn't a clue what was happening and were looking totally flummoxed. The people involved with the fundraising were in stitches laughing at the tourists' expressions.