Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Simple Things!

Today it's a lovely sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and it's windy. A great drying day. Also a great day for blowing bubbles with Lauren. Sorry the bubbles don't show in the photo. In fact we got so engrossed I forgot about the spaghetti I had put on to cook for her.

Funny how the simple things can give you a lot of pleasure and even save you money. Well apart from when you burn the spaghetti!

When the children were small I had to hang the washing out, we didn't have a tumble drier. In the days before disposables, I used to love to watch those lovely white nappies blowing on the line, even though my fingers were freezing in winter.

Years later, when I went out to work, I used the tumble drier as often as I could justify, to save me time. Couldn't count how many times I hung the washing out before I went to work because it was a lovely day, then I came back to find it soaked.

Now that I've left work and I'm taking life at a different pace, I enjoy going outside to hang out the washing. I don't even mind going out in winter as long as it's fine and windy. I look at the garden, listen to the birds, look at the sky and clouds, have a chat with the cats and then enjoy watching the washing blow from the kitchen window. Very theraputic!

When I take it back in the fresh smell is absolutely wonderful and I know I've not only saved some money but I'm being green and helping to save the planet.

BBC - Spoilsports!

There's no doubt about it. The BBC really know how to spoil a party.

Today is the official celebration for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic teams in London and what a reception they are getting. Well from everyone except the BBC.

They showed the celebrations live and everyone was really enjoying themselves, later they'll go to Buckingham Palace for a reception with the Queen. Nice!

However the chap interviewing Chris Hoy (complete with his 3 gold medals) on the Olympic doubledecker bus, couldn't resist asking him how he felt about the possibility that the funding for sportsmen and women would be cut for the 2012 London Olympics. Think I would have slapped him!

Nice one BBC. It's official, you are spoilsports!

You should be ashamed of yourselves.