Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Another Rainy Day in Washington

The rain is back again! That Indian Summer was short lived. Where on earth did that saying come from? Just looked it up on Wikipedia, as you do and looks like it came from the USA and means Native American rather than the Indian subcontinent. The PC police don't seem to have got their eyes on that saying. Yet!

Oscar, my long haired moggy of 19 years has just proved cats are just as unwilling to accept their age as I am. Thought it was just me who couldn't accept the aging process and that it's fifty years since I visited and fell in love with Barcelona, screamed at a Beatles concert, Dr Who appeared on our TV screens and John Kennedy was assassinated. Oh heck I'm ancient, it's official!

I heard an unearthly wailing in the garden. Had to be a cat so I checked. Yes, nineteen year old Oscar howling at a beautiful ginger and white moggy at the bottom of the garden. He was visible proof of the spirit being willing but the flesh weak as he stood there howling at this much bigger and younger cat. So as you do, I provided some much needed moral support and walked down the garden towards them. Once he knew the backup had arrived, Oscar sprang into action and chased the alien cat up the fence. Oscar sprang to the top in pursuit but at that point his aging back legs betrayed him, he lost his balance and promptly fell over the fence. True to his male species he nonchalantly got up, shook himself and then chased the other cat into the wood. Wish I'd had my camera. He appeared ten minutes later at the front door, came in, sat on the settee and is fast asleep beside me now, obviously all in the dim and distant past.

Wish I was a cat. Well one with a good home where I'd be fed and watered to my hearts content, with a nice chair to lie on during the day and a warm bed to spend the night on.

Was hoping I'd get out into the garden again this afternoon but the rain put paid to that idea. So I just sat back, enjoyed Diagnosis Murder for a while and cuddled Lauren. Much better than gardening!
Let's see what tomorrow brings.